Parenting kids in this age of video games is tough. They stick to their computer for hours on end. If your child stays up all night playing video games such as fortnite, there is great reason to worry. This ruins their sleeping patterns and their focus at school.

This is pretty much what parents all over the world are dealing with right now. But, like humans always do, they adapt.

I can tell you the truth about staying up all night gaming and how to make sure nothing goes wrong.

How do I know this?

I was one of them.

Here’s some insight into their world.

Your Child Stays Up All Night Gaming

The internet is a vast and entertaining place with limitless interesting things to do. It’s filled with millions of kids exploring the infinite online world. Video game worlds are very alive at night, moving and busy no matter the time. Each game is a whole new universe and you can jump in between them with your friends.

But, sometimes, you forget reality.

And look up from the computer, at the clock that struck 12, midnight.

Oh no, school is tomorrow.

There’s nothing that can be done now, you can’t rewind time and why would you want to after having so much fun? This is where kids rather play endlessly without worrying about the consequences.

Then the phone alarm jumps out of the bed and the child has to attend school while rubbing their eyes. Morning grogginess carries over into school hours. School is suddenly even more boring than it already was, compared to that internet world.

Everything is so hard to focus on and even the school desk feels comfortable enough to sleep on.

Now back to your world, the world of parenting. Here’s a quick crash course on how to parent video game kids who are stubborn and stay up late.

Teens stay up all night and sleep all day

Staying Up All Night Effects On Eyesight

Currently there is not much evidence that using a computer in the dark causes poor eyesight. However, from first hand experience I can tell you that my eyes will strain after using the computer in the dark for too long. I recommend having a lamp that your kids can use to balance out the contrast between the bright computer screen and the darkness shrouding the room.

If your child stays up all night even on school nights, they might have trouble focusing at school the next day.

Eyes require blinking to keep refreshed, while gaming there is no time to think about if you are blinking enough. Tell your kids that it is important to blink frequently when playing games at night because if they don’t their eyes will dry up.

Sleeping Cycles And Patterns

Understand that sleeping happens in cycles and you can use this trick to get your kids functioning even with limited hours of sleep. Cycles last around 90 minutes depending on the person. Cycles go through different stages of sleep such as deep and REM sleep. The final stage of sleep is called light sleep. If you wake up during this stage you will feel refreshed. However if you wake up during deep sleep you will feel groggy and slow.

Do your kids talk to strangers while playing video games? I wrote an article about what to do, here.

Teach your kids to go to sleep for hours that are divisible by 90 minutes. Like 3 hours, 4.5 hours, 6 hours, 7.5 hours and 9 hours. This will make them wake up more refreshed, for example having 3 hours of sleep will feel better than having 3.5 hours of sleep. With 3.5 hours of sleep you might interrupt your body’s precious REM sleep while it’s in the middle of repairing.

Child plays video games at night sleeps all day

How To Help Your Nocturnal Child

Every computer has buttons on the side that allow you to control the brightness and contrast. Most kids have these settings blasted up, one thing you can do is find the buttons on the side of the monitor. One should say menu which will bring up a little screen and the others should have navigation keys to find the brightness setting. Turn the brightness way down to something like 30% which is more than enough.

One more handy trick you can have up your sleeve is called the “Night Light”. This is a free setting on nearly every windows computer. It’s located in the bottom right hand menu usually and it cuts out all dangerous blue light that the monitor emits. It will turn the color orange. This will be much more comfortable for the eyes, especially at night. If you have a kid that stays up all night gaming, I suggest you try to reduce the impact on their eyesight.

Once you help them in their current sleeping schedule, try to make them go to bed an hour earlier every few nights. This will transition their sleeping pattern a lot more subtly.


Sometimes it’s hard to control what your kids do — that’s OK.

If they enjoy gaming they will stay up late playing through the quiet night, some even play until the sun rises. You are not the only parent that has to deal with this issue, pretty much every parent out there has a kid that’s into video games.

It’s just how the world has evolved.

All you have to do is make sure you take care of their health while they are video gaming. Teach them a few things that can make gaming not take so much of a toll on their bodies. They are young so their bodies are strong.

But, problems down the track can’t be avoided if nothing is prevented now.

This is how they want to spend their golden years. Make sure they stay healthy for the years to come.