A lot of people have been having trouble with the VALORANT low client FPS error which is popping up everywhere. This guide will teach you how to prevent these error popup messages and optimize your game for maximum FPS. Even people with high end gaming rigs are getting this error. Don't worry, in this guide I will explain all of the possible fixes that you can do to prevent [...]

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Valorant To Aimlab Sens Feels Different SOLVED

There has been a lot of people who say their Valorant to Aimlab sensitivity feels wierd. Nearly everyone says that Valorant sens feels faster after using Aimlab. So I decided to make a helpful post so you can have the same sensitivity. We need to take into consideration a lot of different factors, because converting sensitivity directly through the Valorant game profile within Aimlab does not seem to be [...]

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9 Best Valorant Aim Trainers For Godlike Aim

Recently I have been looking for a good Valorant aim trainer to improve my aim and have experienced some aim trainers that are good for Valorant and some that aren't. So I decided to make a helpful list of the best aim trainers that I found improved my aim the most on Valorant. Most of us want to improve our aim by using a good Valorant aim trainer, but [...]

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