How To Practice Tracking Aim Guide: 10 Great Tips

A couple months ago when I was learning how to practice tracking aim in FPS games, I found out that there is a lot more to tracking aim than I thought. I decided to do some research and create a helpful blog post for any player that is having the same problem I did. The best way I have found to practice my tracking aim is to play tracking [...]

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The Best Kovaak’s Valorant Settings To Match Sensitivity

If you train your aim on Kovaaks for Valorant, then you should definitely use these 3 key Kovaaks Valorant settings. In particular your aim. Aim is extremely important in Valorant and can help you in every situation. When you can master your aim and sensitivity in Valorant then you will be able to take advantage of the slow movement speed of your opponents. Since this game is a slow [...]

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What Aim Trainer Does Tenz Use? 2 Of Them Are Free

Tenz is arguably the best Valorant player during 2020, much of his progress can be attributed to his robotic aim. So what aim trainer does Tenz use? Tenz has been an FPS player for a long time, he was noticed in the late stages of CS:GO where he got picked up by a team called Cloud 9. During his time in CS:GO he showed his perfected aiming skills against [...]

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Get The Best Junkrat Aim Trainer With 1 Simple Trick

Junkrat is an extremely powerful hero if you can hit your shots, but there are no Junkrat aim trainer maps on Aimlab or Kovaaks. However, there is a way you can train Junkrat within Overwatch itself. Junkrat mains that can perfectly predict their opponents movement and grenade them accurately are some of the strongest players. If you want to have good junkrat aim, you should try out this cool [...]

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What Is The Best Aim Trainer For Tarkov, Top 3 Picks

Escape from Tarkov is a highly competitive survival first person shooter set in Russia. That is why I have found the best aim trainer for Tarkov. Since this game revolves heavily around the strength of a player’s gear, players are always trying to find ways to get an upper hand over one another. Tarkov is an intense survival game with a low TTK or time to kill. You could [...]

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The Best Aim Trainer For Destiny 2: A Complete Guide

Destiny 2 is a giant online mmo with competitive game modes. With such a competitive environment your skills need the best aim trainer for Destiny 2. The player base is strong and has only been growing, so it may interest you to train your aim to get an edge over other players. So how exactly do find the best aim trainer for destiny 2 . Destiny 2 itself doesn't [...]

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Best Aim Trainer For Apex Legends: 7 Great Exercises

Apex legends is one of the hardest battle royale games to master in terms of aim. Which is why you should use the best aim trainer for Apex Legends to improve your aim. There are many obstacles players face when they try to improve their aim. Such as insufficient resources in the game to improve aim. This includes not having actual game like models to practice against in game, [...]

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Aim Not Improving? 10 Mistakes To Avoid

Aim not improving no matter how much you play? We've got you covered. This article will show you the critical mistakes you could be making when training your aim. Improving your aim is tricky and for it to truly improve you need the right recipe of things to make sure your aim is steadily improving. I know players that play for 10 hours a day and don't improve! I [...]

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Do Pros Use Aim Trainers? The Truth With 36 Pro Players

Do Pros Use Aim Trainers? Aim trainers have become extremely popular over the course of 2020, causing many pro players to use aim trainers to hone their skills for competitive play. There are pro players from every big shooter esport game that use aim trainers on a daily basis. These games include CS:GO, Fortnite, Rainbow six, Valorant and Overwatch. Nearly every professional player has at least tried an aim [...]

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7 Rust Bow PVP Tips: Dominate The Beach

I was learning how to play PVP better with the bow in Rust and I realised that there's a lot to mastering the bow, so I made this guide about Rust Bow PVP Tips. Everyone starts at the beach and if you want to make it out of the spawn area alive, you might need to learn how to be a good bow player. The faster you can progress [...]

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