A lot of people have been having trouble with the VALORANT low client FPS error which is popping up everywhere. This guide will teach you how to prevent these error popup messages and optimize your game for maximum FPS. Even people with high end gaming rigs are getting this error. Don't worry, in this guide I will explain all of the possible fixes that you can do to prevent [...]

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15 Ways To Increase Your CSGO FPS Dramatically

Here's how to increase CSGO FPS for ANY PC, including low end computers. This also works well for gaming PCs and laptops. CSGO is a very CPU intensive game, with more and more updates to the game, we have had a decrease in average FPS. This is due to Valve adding more detail in map redesigns and also implementing more features to CSGO. FPS and your refresh rate are [...]

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Aimlab Ranks, How It Works And More Explained

Aimlab ranks are divided into 9 tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. Aimlab ranks consist of tiers. Each tier has 4 levels, 1 Being the highest. Your tier + your level is your rank: e.g Bronze 4. Bronze 4 is the worst Aimlab rank and Grandmaster 1 is the best Aimlab rank. Each Aimlab rank has a point threshold that you must surpass to [...]

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The Best Aimlab Valorant Settings To Use

The Best Aimlab Valorant Settings To Use Here are the best aimlab Valorant settings for you to use to improve your aim fast! Having the right settings in aimlab that match Valorant is super important, otherwise your aim will feel off after playing aimlab. Avoid this rookie mistake and use the right settings. It's super easy to setup the right aimlab Valorant settings and you can begin to train [...]

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6 Insane Valorant vs CSGO Similarities

With Riot games’ recent release of Valorant, has CSGO been dethroned? CSGO has been the epitome of tactical shooters for over 20 years. Valorant vs CSGO has been a big topic since the release of Riot's FPS, because of all the similarities to the well established genre of Counter Strike. However, Valorant has brought a new take on the classic 5 vs 5 bomb defuse mode, bringing new abilities [...]

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3 Simple Ways To Stop Sweaty Hands When Gaming

Why do some people always get sweaty hands when gaming? For some people they only start sweating in their palms when they play games. Other people never get sweaty hands while playing. Perspiration is different for everyone and can be caused by a few different things that will be covered in this article. Being a person that has sweaty hands when gaming is actually very common. So it is [...]

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What Aim Trainer Does Pengu Use? 2 Weird Answers

Lots of people ask what aim trainer does Pengu use? But its not that simple, Pengu has a different outlook on aim trainers. Pengu explains in his video his thoughts and feelings about aim trainers. Quick summary: No, Pengu does not use an aim trainer, he trains his aim within Rainbow Six Siege instead. Here is a list of Pro Players that use aim trainers. What Aim Trainer Does [...]

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Can’t Aim? 5 Simple Tips To Fix Bad Aim Days.

You may be wondering: why I can't aim some days and what causes your bad aim? I have had this problem too and decided to make a helpful blog post to teach you how to improve aim. We all know what it feels like to have our aim so bad all of a sudden. Most people that have this issue play hardcore FPS games such as CSGO, but it [...]

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Don’t Talking Please CSGO 1 Simple Bind

Don't Talking Please CSGO bind for chat, everyone has been asking for. Binds Optimize Gameplay. Inconsistent at CS:GO? Read this article. Don't Talking Please Command & Bind: COPY AND PASTE THIS INTO CONSOLE: Bind "F5" "say dont talking please" Being trash talked? You should get a better mouse so you can be the one trash talking while winning. Here's my pro gear list.

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How To Not Be Inconsistent At CSGO: 3 Simple Reasons Why You Are Inconsistent

I have been through the phase, just like everyone else, when you are inconsistent at CSGO. Counter Strike is a very challenging game and to be consistent requires a lot of play time. How come one game you can drop 30, but you can't hit anything in the game right afterwards. Everyone seems to get this problem only in CSGO , which is because it is a hardcore tactical [...]

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