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Hearing Loss From Gaming: 4 Mistakes To Avoid

You may not hear anything outside those headphones, but I can assure you, loud gunshots can cause hearing loss from gaming. Within those headphones, a more sinister danger is creeping up on kids. The gaming peripheral that we all overlooked is causing permanent hearing damage. But my kids have to use headphones to play video games? The danger isn't the product. The danger is what your child is listening [...]

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Can Gaming Cause RSI In Kids? 6 Important Tips

Will gaming cause RSI and could one wrong swipe of the mouse stop your child from ever playing games again? Gaming puts the wrist and it's delicate tendons under a crazy amount of strain. Gaming causes RSI in children if no precautions are taken. If the correct measures aren't taken to ensure a healthy wrist then it can cause RSI or carpal tunnel. These conditions happen when the nerves [...]

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Child Stays Up All Night Playing Games: 3 Simple Ways To Help

Parenting kids in this age of video games is tough. They stick to their computer for hours on end. If your child stays up all night playing video games such as fortnite, there is great reason to worry. This ruins their sleeping patterns and their focus at school. This is pretty much what parents all over the world are dealing with right now. But, like humans always do, they [...]

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Top 7 Most Popular Kids Video Games

Every month your child is playing a new game. How do you know what's safe? These are the most popular kids video games and what they are about. I made a list of the most popular games that are trending in every school across the globe. First, if you want to understand their world, you have to speak their language. Here's some quick gaming terminology before the list: Multiplayer: [...]

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My Child Is Talking To Strangers Online. The Truth

I know it may make you extremely worried to hear your child talking to strangers online. It’s like the equivalent of him going out in public and talking to strangers. The internet is a scary place too with all sorts of different people that live all around the world. People in basically every single country can access the internet and interact with each other. Is my son safe? Who [...]

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My Child Gets Angry Over Video Games! What To Do

My child gets angry over video games! Don't worry, here is what to do. It seems scary when your kid is yelling and raging at video games. You may not know what to do or how to help. I'm sure most parents have been there. There are a few simple reasons why your child might rage at video games and they are not the only ones. It is very [...]

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Avoid These Effects Of Video Games On Children, Quickly

There are more sinister effects of video games on children that are creeping up on every parent. No, this isn't about games causing violence, this is about risking permanent damage to kid's entire bodies. "But Mom, all my friends are allowed to play video games all day." This is what every parent has to deal with at some point. Video games make parenting a balancing act. If they say [...]

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22 Great Gaming Benefits Your Child Will Learn

I have been playing competitive video games for a long time now and I have realized along the way, that there are many gaming benefits and life skills to be learnt. There are dozens of video games life skills that your child will experience in the virtual world. Video games can actually improve life skills because they are most often: competitive team environments, consisting of hundreds of different personalities [...]

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