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Zywoo Mouse Grip Crazy Secret Revealed

Zywoo Mouse Grip is very abnormal for one of the best players to ever play CS:GO. Zywoo is currently the best CS:GO player in the world, he has been #1 on HLTV rankings for 2 consecutive years: 2020 and 2019. However, he has a secret, he uses a very abnormal mouse grip that no one has used before. Now other pro players like have been seen using the same [...]

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15 Ways To Increase Your CSGO FPS Dramatically

Here's how to increase CSGO FPS for ANY PC, including low end computers. This also works well for gaming PCs and laptops. CSGO is a very CPU intensive game, with more and more updates to the game, we have had a decrease in average FPS. This is due to Valve adding more detail in map redesigns and also implementing more features to CSGO. FPS and your refresh rate are [...]

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New CSGO Brokenfang Operation: Huge Update Live

CSGO Brokenfang is now LIVE, the most anticipated update of 2020. There have been major changes to the game, including the addition of 7 new maps, 10 new agents and 2 new game modes. CSGO Operation Brokenfang is available to play by purchasing the operation pass for $15 USD. Players can easily make their investment back with the in game agent, skin and item drops. The operation is live [...]

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Top 10 CSGO Best Aim Training Maps For 2021

Top 10 CSGO Best Aim Training Maps For 2021 Need to improve your aim? check out these CSGO best aim training maps to improve your aim FAST in 2021. Aiming is not an easy skill, that is why one third of the CSGO player base is ranked in silver. Players that have great aim will naturally climb the ranking system whether it is in Matchmaking or [...]

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