Best Aimlab Routine For Valorant: 3 Levels For Everyone

Aimlab is a new aim trainer on the steam store, it is one of the best aim trainers you can get right now and it is completely free. If you want good aim, then try this Aimlab routine for Valorant. Training your aim within Valorant is really difficult, there is only a small shooting range which has very little customisation. The deathmatch servers are horrible as well, they only [...]

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Free Aimlab Routine For CSGO: 4 Intense Levels

If you want good aim in CS:GO, you should defintely try this free Aimlab routine for CSGO. Aim trainers are important in improving aim in FPS games, because they allow you to train all different aspects of your aiming skill. Aim is made up of multiple different skills that can each be trained within an aim trainer. Personally I have found it very hard to practice all different aspects [...]

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1 Simple Kovaaks CSGO Routine To Improve Your Aim Fast

If you are looking to improve your aim in CSGO fast, you should waste no time and try this killer Kovaaks CSGO routine . These routines have varying levels of difficulty, so it doesn't matter what level of skill you are at currently. Personally I have been training my aim Kovaak’s for CS during the last 2 years. I have seen a big improvement in my aiming, especially my [...]

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How To Train Flicks CSGO: 9 Useful Tips

For ages I have been wondering how to train flicks (CSGO) by training my aim. Over those years I learned a few secrets that the best aimers use to train your flicks properly. I decided to compile all of these tips into a short and helpful blog post. The best way to train your flicks in CSGO is by flicking to bots in the maps called Aim_botz and training_aim_csgo2. [...]

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