Braided Vs Non Braided Cable: Which Is Better?

Braided Vs Non Braided Cable

You may have wondered about the difference between braided vs non braided cables and if there is much of a difference at all.

From my personal experience with both cables, I can say that each one has it’s positives and negatives.

The trick is to use the right cable at the right time.

So let’s dive into the article and learn which is better for what.

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What is a braided cable?

A braided cable is a special type of cable that has a woven fabric over the rubber covering. Braided cables also come in many forms such as paracord cables which lack a rubber protective inside cover and provide more of a lightweight seamless experience on peripherals such as your mouse or headset. There are also HDMI and USB braided cables.

Is Braided Cable Better?

Braided cables look better and add to your setup. They are also great for cable management as you can get them coiled which reduces the unnecessary length a regular USB cable.

They come in many colors too, which means you can mix and match them with the color pallete of your setup.

They also don’t get as dirty as rubber cables that get black muck on them all the time.

Braided cables are also better for your mouse because it reduces the amount of friction and cable drag that you get which makes it easier to aim your mouse in video games or creative software.

Are Braided Cables More Durable?

They are more durable to fraying because there is a second layer of protective cover on the cable instead of just rubber. Braided cables also don’t kink as easily and they last much longer.

However, they are not more durable to bending because any significant bends in your cable will break it no matter what. It also doesn’t increase the lifespan that much, a lower gauge wire does.

This is why they cost more because they are made from better materials

Braided Vs Non Braided Cable Mouse

Regular braided cables on a mouse can be super annoying because they are stiffer than a regular one.

Braided paracord cables are much better for your mouse because they give you a better experience, especially for gaming.

Paracords are extremely hyped in the gaming mouse community and are praised to be far greater than non braided mouse cables.

The reason for this is because a regular USB rubber cable creates drag and friction on your mouse because it’s stiff.

A braided paracord cable on the other hand is so lightweight it feels like you’re using a wireless mouse. This makes aiming in games a lot easier because you don’t have a delay.

Are There Any Downsides To Braided Cables?

Yes, they can be more annoying depending on what you are using them for. For example, on a mouse it can be more annoying because they are more resistant to movement and bending.

How To Straighten Or Unkink A Braided Cable?

Wrap the cable around your hands and use your pointer finger and thumb to carefully straighten out the cable.

How To Keep Braided Cables From Tangling?

Get a cable management kit and keep your cables organized with tags. You can also stick them to the underside of your desk and route them so they don’t get tangled.

Are Braided HDMI Cables Good?

Braided HDMI cables provide more durability but are still prone to bending and kinks.

Can you make your own braided cable?

Yes you can however it takes a significant amount of time and skill. You also need the right materials.

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