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Hi, I am a professional CSGO player from Australia that enjoys aim training and improving mechanical skills in FPS games. Seeing results in my aim after days of hard work is very rewarding, and that is what keeps me interested in his hobby. I want to use this blog to share with you the knowledge about aim and aim trainers that I have gained over my thousands of hours of wasted time. I will be happy if you find any of this content helpful in some way. Here is my CSGO profile: https://www.hltv.org/player/12584/vax


A lot of people have been having trouble with the VALORANT low client FPS error which is popping up everywhere. This guide will teach you how to prevent these error popup messages and optimize your game for maximum FPS. Even people with high end gaming rigs are getting this error. Don't worry, in this guide I will explain all of the possible fixes that you can do to prevent [...]

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The Best Aimlab Apex Legends Routine: 3 Levels For Everyone

Aimlab Apex aim routines can be a lot easier than using the normal Apex training grounds to improve your aim, it certainly was for me. Aimlab is an aim trainer which allows you to practice any aspect of your aim. Flicking, tracking, precision, speed and many more. I have found training my aim in Apex training grounds to be a little difficult because there is not much variety and [...]

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Valorant To Aimlab Sens Feels Different SOLVED

There has been a lot of people who say their Valorant to Aimlab sensitivity feels wierd. Nearly everyone says that Valorant sens feels faster after using Aimlab. So I decided to make a helpful post so you can have the same sensitivity. We need to take into consideration a lot of different factors, because converting sensitivity directly through the Valorant game profile within Aimlab does not seem to be [...]

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Valheim How To Use The Raft: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

Rafts in Valhiem had a big learning curve for me, so I made this helpful Valheim how to use raft as a beginner guide to speed up the process for everyone else. The Valheim raft consists of these main components. Valheim Raft Mechanics: Game Mechanic Function Raft Rudder To change the direction that the raft is moving towards and to manually push the raft upwind. Raft Sails To [...]

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9 Best Valorant Aim Trainers For Godlike Aim

Recently I have been looking for a good Valorant aim trainer to improve my aim and have experienced some aim trainers that are good for Valorant and some that aren't. So I decided to make a helpful list of the best aim trainers that I found improved my aim the most on Valorant. Most of us want to improve our aim by using a good Valorant aim trainer, but [...]

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Zywoo Mouse Grip Crazy Secret Revealed

Zywoo Mouse Grip is very abnormal for one of the best players to ever play CS:GO. Zywoo is currently the best CS:GO player in the world, he has been #1 on HLTV rankings for 2 consecutive years: 2020 and 2019. However, he has a secret, he uses a very abnormal mouse grip that no one has used before. Now other pro players like have been seen using the same [...]

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15 Ways To Increase Your CSGO FPS Dramatically

Here's how to increase CSGO FPS for ANY PC, including low end computers. This also works well for gaming PCs and laptops. CSGO is a very CPU intensive game, with more and more updates to the game, we have had a decrease in average FPS. This is due to Valve adding more detail in map redesigns and also implementing more features to CSGO. FPS and your refresh rate are [...]

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Aimlab Ranks, How It Works And More Explained

Aimlab ranks are divided into 9 tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. Aimlab ranks consist of tiers. Each tier has 4 levels, 1 Being the highest. Your tier + your level is your rank: e.g Bronze 4. Bronze 4 is the worst Aimlab rank and Grandmaster 1 is the best Aimlab rank. Each Aimlab rank has a point threshold that you must surpass to [...]

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Top 3 Aimlab Valorant Playlists You Should Be Using

Valorant Aimlab playlists are a great way to improve your aim. Aimlab playlists are basically custom aim routines. In this post I will go over 3 of the best Aimlab playlists for Valorant, a long with one bonus playlist. Read the article about top 6 Aim Trainers on Steam compared. Aimlab is a free aim trainer available on the Steam store. It is the best free aim trainer in [...]

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The Best Aimlab Valorant Settings To Use

The Best Aimlab Valorant Settings To Use Here are the best aimlab Valorant settings for you to use to improve your aim fast! Having the right settings in aimlab that match Valorant is super important, otherwise your aim will feel off after playing aimlab. Avoid this rookie mistake and use the right settings. It's super easy to setup the right aimlab Valorant settings and you can begin to train [...]

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