Are Alienware Laptops Worth it 2022

Alienware laptops used to be known as some of the most expensive and overpriced laptops in the industry. However, because of competition from other brands, they have reduced their prices significantly.

In this article we address the question: are Alienware laptops worth it? Let’s dive in.

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are alienware laptops worth it In The Long Run?

I think Alienware laptops are not worth it if you don’t overclock them because you can get a gaming laptop with better specs for $1000 cheaper. I don’t think a $1000 markup just for branding and aesthetics is a reasonable justification.

You can overclock Alienware laptops because they run at a very cool temperature and if you do this then it can be worth it.

Now I’m going to assume that if you are looking at purchasing an Alienware laptop, it’s for gaming purposes.

Here is a table with the Alienware X17 and the HP Omen. Both are very similar laptops in terms of performance, however the major difference is the price point. The HP Omen is $1299 compared to the X17 which is $2249.

I don’t think the X17 has any advantage over the Omen a part from just aesthetics and since this is the case, I don’t think Alienware laptops are worth it at the moment.

You can see that the HP Omen specs the Alienware in a couple of categories such as the screen resolution and the storage which are both very important for gaming.

I would say that the only reason why an Alienware laptop would be worth it is if you overclock the system. On the X17 you can do just that because of the new thermal cooling system which keeps the entire laptop at a low temperature when gaming.

If you overclock your Alienware laptop then you will be getting an impressive performance boost which you may not be able to do on the HP Omen.

Alienware X17HP Omen
Screen Size17 inch16 inch
ProcessorCore i7Core i7
GraphicsRTX 3060RTX 3060
Memory16 GB 16 GB 
Storage512GB SSD1TB SSD
Resolution1080p 165Hz2k 165Hz

If the X17 had a sale and was 30% off, then I would reconsider my opinion. However, after comparing the two models at a base price and base specs, I don’t see how the Alienware laptop can be worth it for most people.

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Here are the PROS and CONS of buying an Alienware laptop to help you determine if you think it’s worth the money. We will be talking about the X17.

PROS Of Buying An Alienware laptop

  • Alienware branding and aesthetics
  • Large screen sizes for gaming
  • RGB trim lights and hexagonal grid for exhausts.
  • Fully customizable LED strip lighting.
  • Very thin for a well-built solid laptop. Rigid structure.
  • 17 inch device great for gaming.
  • New thermal system that cools incredibly well.
  • Hovers around 86C CPU 55C GPU on max fans and high CPU clock
  • Usually other gaming laptops are thicker and louder for 17inch
  • Cooling is so good that you can overclock it
  • 4k panel will get you 4.5hrs usage, 1080p around 10-15% more battery life.
  • Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboard.
  • No numberpad
  • RGB trackpad and keyboard

The Alienware X17 comes with a new thermal cooling system which makes it have the potential for overclocking and even higher performance than the HP Omen we are comparing it to. So this is something to keep in mind if you are an avid gamer.

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CONS Of Buying An Alienware laptop

  • Expensive price point
  • Only comes in 1 colorway. White outside black inside. (maybe because of manufacturing during pandemic)
  • Baked wifi, unremovable chip.
  • Flipped motherboard so you have to do a difficult deassembly to access CPU and GPU.
  • If you are noise sensitive or don’t like tactile keyboards then this is a con.
  • Lowlight function keys are hard to see in the dark
  • No advanced optimus on low level panel and regular panel.
  • Micro SD port on the back which is difficult if you use it frequently.
  • Very heavy and chunky adapter
  • Alienware command center is really cluttered and has bad UX.
  • Speakers are really bad

The X17 comes with some great aesthetics like the LED trackpad, but they chose to not implement good speakers instead. This shows that the brand is focused on a premium aesthetic rather than functional performance.

If you are someone who really likes gaming laptop aesthetics then this product is worth it for you. However, if you are like most people and only care about performance then it’s safe to say that there are many better options out there.


I think that Alienware laptops are still overpriced even though they have dropped their prices to be more competitive with other brands. Since models like the X17 run at such a cool temperature, they can be overclocked and this can be an advantage over the Omen.

I think an option like the HP Omen will give you a lot better bang for your buck if you are not looking to overclock.

If you are looking for a gaming PC then your main focus should be performance so you can play the best games at the highest settings, that’s why I think you should save your money and buy a laptop that is more worth it than Alienware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Alienware still a good brand?

Yes, Alienware is a reputable brand. The only problem is that they have extremely high prices because of their branding and aesthetics on their computers.

What makes Alienware so special?

Alienware has a very unique branding and aesthetic that is available on all their gaming products. Their computers have a premium build quality and gaming theme.

Are Alienware Computers reliable?

Yes, Alienware computers are durable and very reliable. Their build quality is top notch and they have a rigid structure even though their laptops are quite thin.

How long do Alienware computers last?

Alienware laptops can last you around 4-6 years but this depends on the laptop components that you choose and the progression of video game graphics. Your Alienware laptop’s lifespan will be more dictated by how well it can run games in the future than if the computer breaks down or not.

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