You may not hear anything outside those headphones, but I can assure you, loud gunshots can cause hearing loss from gaming. Within those headphones, a more sinister danger is creeping up on kids. The gaming peripheral that we all overlooked is causing permanent hearing damage.

But my kids have to use headphones to play video games?

The danger isn’t the product. The danger is what your child is listening to on a daily basis. Loud sounds from headphones can cause damage to the eardrums and tinnitus in the worst cases. Tinnitus is constant ringing in the ears. Myself and many other gamers have been there. There were times where we had to throw our headphones off because loud sounds came out of nowhere.

There is a solution, but let me elaborate on what we are actually dealing with here.

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Loud Noises Cause Hearing Loss From Gaming

Imagine running around in a virtual warzone. Bullets wizz past your ears, grenade explosions to your right, a soldier yelling to your left.

Immersion is so realistic in video games in today’s age. Playing video games for hours on end means exposure to all these sounds, some are trembling quiet and some are beeping loud and sharp.

Hearing loss can be caused by acoustic power and exposure time.

But would you believe me if I said that these are dwarfed by another sound?

Let me introduce you to the infamous“Mic Spammer”.

Who and What Is A Mic Spammer?

The mic spammer, one of the most notorious stereotypes in gaming.

These people are a big cause of slight hearing loss from gaming.

A “Mic Spammer” is a video game player that will prepare the largest breath to shout into their microphone and their deafening voice will thunder through everyone else’s headphones.

If they do this for fun or to inflict harm, we will never know.

But then, they are also immune because on the computer you can never hear yourself. You can only hear the voices of everyone else. These people get so creative with their mic spamming that some even play tornado sirens. Programs exist that can play any recorded sound free for anyone to access on the computer. This is one of the dangers of gaming, another prominent danger is RSI or carpal tunnel, I made an article about this topic here.

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The Program Kids Communicate On, Discord.

For those of you who don’t understand how these kids communicate on the computer, I can explain it simply.

They use a program called Discord. Friends will band together to play their favorite games and jump on a Discord server. A few clicks later, they join the same channel and can speak to everyone in that channel from their microphone through to the others’ headphones. I have a more descriptive piece on that here: (link).

It may sound harmless, but danger lurks. Ready to strike. Hearing loss from gaming can also be caused in a program outside of the game.

Friends that are playing games with each other will mic spam one another at the most unexpecting time in an attempt to scare them.

Anything above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage, mic spammers are around that level. This is one of the big risks of hearing loss from gaming, not the games itself, but the people that play it.

These notorious mic spammers have influenced a large and young generation of gamers to use this tactic as the new practical joke. At any time someone can mic spam to try to be funny.

This is extremely common now and it happens so fast that even taking your headset off quickly wont work.

Your child may not be aware of this and it depends on the behaviour of people that they are communicating with.

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Since we have to live with headphones, we accept the risks that come with it. The internet is a vast place filled with loud sounds which sneak up on you.

I hope you do not overlook this tool that looks harmless, now I type this to you with a slight ringing in the back of my head. This new world of gaming is limitless and undiscovered. You never know what sounds may jump out at you after a single click. Be cautious about hearing loss from gaming, you don’t want to damage your hearing at a young age from playing games.

Make sure you take the right precautions for your child’s hearing so they can game safely and comfortably.

Will this new age of gaming ever run out of dangers?