I have been playing competitive video games for a long time now and I have realized along the way, that there are many gaming benefits and life skills to be learnt. There are dozens of video games life skills that your child will experience in the virtual world.

Video games can actually improve life skills because they are most often: competitive team environments, consisting of hundreds of different personalities and cultures. These environments force children to learn how to function in a team with a vast variety of different people, while under pressure.

Not only do they gain skills within the game, but also outside of the game. They are tasked with choosing the most effective equipment to help them perform to a high level, I have an interesting article that explains this phenomenon here.

High intensity situations like these can result in the growth of valuable life skills and life lessons. The perfect place to learn the best skills.

Here’s which ones.

One Of The Best Gaming Benefits – Teaming With Diverse People

Video games create connections between diverse cultures and personalities.

Team environments in video games can provide valuable life lessons for kids that directly translates into the workplace. Since video game communities are all online this means players will band together based off of skill and not friendship. It’s hard to make teams of friends because it means your friends all have to like the same game and play that game to a high level.

But since the only option is to make teams with strangers that means kids will have to deal with a wide variety of personalities and ages.

Personally from playing in video game teams I have played in video game teams with a medically diagnosed psychopath, a sociopath, people that have depression & anxiety, 14 year olds, 30 year olds and 7 different cultures around the world. These experiences taught me so much valuable information about how to deal with people accordingly. For example when giving criticism to my teammates that had depression they would be grateful if I gave constructive criticism in a nice tone and also applaud them when they performed well.

With my sociopath teammate I learnt how to perform and ignore some of his flaming and conflictive personality. Growing thick skin is definitely one of the gaming benefits that your children will learn very early on.

How many times have you had a personality clash with a coworker or friend?

team diverse

How To Not Burn Bridges

This is a life lesson that many of us regret not knowing.

Team environments teach kids how to not burn bridges and how to get along with everyone. It is important to not burn bridges in esports games because you want as many connections as you can get if you want to climb the ranks.

Most video game teams form from word of mouth about who’s a good player, so it’s worth having people on your side and not burning bridges with everyone.

Video game team environments get very heated, because the teams aren’t structured professionally. They are just simply 5 players who decided to play together in a team. There’s no coach and no organisation until they reach the bigger leagues.

So because of this there can be lots of conflict and a lot of burning bridges if one isn’t mindful of their own anger.

Perhaps this situation can be prevented by the gaming benefits you receive on a daily basis.

How many bridges have you burned in your lifetime?

gaming stops you burning bridges

Time Management

I’m sure you know how crunched time is as a parent.

Kids will have to learn how to balance school, gaming and sleep if they want to get into video games.

Gaming can take up a lot of hours and if kids play too much they will start to grow time management skills in order to play games and do well at school. There are great gaming benefits like time management, that these kids will need to use in the future.

Sleep is also a big factor because if they don’t have the right time management skills to balance school and gaming they will be left with little time to sleep. Also time management skills are required inside the game too.

Kids will also manage their time to get adequate amounts of game skill training per day, I explained how they do this in an article here.

Children need to understand how long games take to finish so they can make sure they don’t have to leave for dinner in the middle of their games. Some online games have round timers that kids have to learn to play the game.

This means they have to win the round before the 2 minute clock runs out. This will force them to be efficient with their time.

Did you ever have time to learn time management skills?

Time management gaming skills

How To Make A Team With The Right Composition Of People

A championship winning team has a very precise recipe.

Competitive video games are a great way to learn how to make a team of the right people. If you have too many aggressive players you could lose because they all get punished for being too wild.

If you have too many passive players you could lose as well because no one takes initiative. If you have not enough skilled players then the other team will just outskill you no matter how good your strategy is.

You can’t have a team full of inexperienced players because too many people will be making the wrong decisions at the same time. Which is why you choose the correct mix of different stylistic play style differences and cherry pick the number of rookies to have for the future of your team. Having experienced veterans and a couple rookies on the same team is a great composition. The veterans will teach and upskill the newer players, who will add that experience to their young and fast reaction time. Making a team is very complex, this is one of my favourite gaming benefits from my years of playing in different teams.

With lots of time playing video games life skills can be learnt. Then you have to make sure everyone gets along outside the game too so they don’t just argue all the time and make the team disband. Although this can seem like a negative thing to experience, it is one of the best gaming benefits, that has to do with people management.

Split Second Decision Making

Cognition rapidly improves and especially decision making speed when playing video games.

How many bad decisions have you made under pressure? Hopefully not too many.

This can prove helpful in so many areas because life is all about making the right decisions and sometimes you don’t have much time to. In video games you have split seconds to make the right decision otherwise the other player will beat you. This forces kids to think faster and choose the right decision before the timer runs out. They get exposed to this every 20-30 seconds while playing a game which is incredible.

Video games improve attention greatly.

Imagine peeking out from hiding and seeing 3 different players unaware, but one of them is nearly looking at you. You have a split second to pick what order you are going to shoot the targets.

Perhaps you hear enemies coming towards you from multiple sides and you’re about to be spotted, you have a split second to decide which duel you are going to pick in what order to beat all 3 players. This is one of the unique gaming benefits that you can’t learn in many other places.

split second decisions skill gaming life skills

How To Recruit And Fire People With Virtue

Gaming comes with some of the happiest decisions and some of the hardest ones.

Video games make kids work together in self-sufficient teams that they have to run themselves, because most of them are not contracted to big brand organizations just yet. They are responsible for recruiting new people and kicking people that just simply aren’t good enough. This can be a tough task if you have to kick someone who is a good friend from a team because they just can’t play the game to a high enough standard.

Kids will learn to separate friends from business if they want to progress with a good team. Gaming benefits are not only limited to fast reaction times, there are a lot more character traits that grow from video game environments.

This also means that they will have to recruit new people that they may not have ever met before. They will learn how to propose an offer to come tryout for their teams and how to meet new people. These gaming benefits reach many areas of life skills, video games may boost childrens learning, health and social skills.

Most of us in the real world have experienced being hired or fired before. But, not all of us have been the one hiring or firing.

recruiting and firing people gaming skills

Growing Thick Skin – Dealing With Toxic People

“Keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you. And make allowance for their blaming too”. – If – Rudyard Kipling.

The best gaming benefits come in the form of hardships and difficult environments.

I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of toxic people throughout your life. Toxic people are exposed by video games because it is easier to be mean to people when you can see the human in front of you.

A great lesson your kids learn when playing games is how to deal with people that are flaming or being toxic to them for making mistakes. Every time you get aggravated by someone, remember these video games life skills you could have learnt.

It’s super common for players to get annoyed at their teammates that make mistakes because they have to play on the same team and don’t want to be dragged down.

Your kid will learn to deal with these kinds of people by killing them with kindness or trying to focus on the game while ignoring them. Since gaming is very similar to a competitive sport there is a lot of trash talk and banter.

These are tactics to get into the opponent’s head so they play the game worse. Trash talking is just as common in gaming as it is in real life sports. Your kid will learn how to ignore trash talking and focus on completing a task to beat the opposition. This is a very valuable life lesson that will grow thick skin.

thick skin dealing with toxic people, gaming skills for life

Dealing With Bad Bosses

Every video game team has a leader, often referred to as “in game leaders”. These people are the boss of the team and have most of the control of who is in the team and what the team does.

I once teamed with an in game leader who would yell at me and my teammates like a drill sergeant, and yes this was in a video game team.

Each team must have a leader otherwise everyone is running around like headless chickens. A leader will control the team’s strategy and play the biggest part on if they win or lose. Kids have to learn how to deal with a bad boss that keeps telling them to do things that will lose them the game or simply have a bad attitude.

Some of these leaders in video games are not as socially developed so they become very angry and flame people for making mistakes.

Perhaps one of the most valuable video games life skills to learn for the workplace, dealing with pressure from a bad boss and having to perform at the same time.

dealing with bad bosses gaming skill you learn

Keeping A Positive Attitude When Times Are Tough

The game’s ain’t over til it’s over. – Yogi Berra (and made famous by Rocky)

Video games teach you to maintain a positive attitude even when you are losing. Games are competitive so everyone will get their fair share of losses. Psychological gaming benefits exist too.

A great character trait that comes with losing again and again is how to have a positive attitude. A person with a positive attitude leading a team back from a deficit is one of the most honorable characteristics that you see in sports like American football.

It is a strong characteristic that all coaches in sports have and gaming actually is the training ground for that. Positivity breeds positivity and attracts the best kinds of people.

This personality trait is also a great one to make new friends and open up new opportunities in the world. Not many other things can teach a positive attitude like gaming can.

How many times could you have changed the outcome of something if you had a positive attitude?

gaming teaches positive attitude

Quick And Efficient Communication

Good communication drives the efficiency and accuracy of a plan’s execution.

If you are a parent, you know that kids speak a different language when they play video games.

For everyone to be on the same page in video games they create their own callouts for each position in the game world. If there is a street with a goose painted on the wall they will call that area goose. Since this is a virtual world, there are no written street signs or areas. Every position in the gaming world must have a unique callout, most of these are made from short visual descriptions.

Most of these positions are learnt by hearing many other players call one spot the same thing. So in a team environment, it is important that every teammate uses the same callouts as one another, otherwise it would be like calling the wrong street name.

The callouts also have to be short and efficient, nothing is worse than dying in a video game because your teammate can’t call where an enemy is in time.

Good communication and gaming benefits like this, can be used in the workplace.

If there is an apartment part of a map they will shorten it to the callout apps. Then there are specific ways to be descriptive like: close apps, deep apps, apps corner, jumped out of apps.

In competitive shooters it is imperative that players are as descriptive as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Also, with 5 players communicating at once there is a lot of clutter.

High level players have the best communication and call things like this: [number of enemies] [what location] [descriptive verb].

For example: 1 apps walking, 1 apps holding, 1 apps rushing.

Rushing means sprinting as fast as possible to attack. There is different terminology in games too. Players also communicate what they are covering, they say things like I’m holding your right or I’m posted on apps.

Each video game even has its own language.

gaming teaches quick efficient communication

How To Deal With Emotions – Anger

Anger protrudes deep into the soul and uncovers what wants to remain hidden.

Here are more psychological gaming benefits, dealing with anger.

When something really bothers you, it probably really bothers you because it’s true. As said by Jocko Willink in this video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOjnzE_gP28)

Most of the time it’s impossible for the ego to accept it. Video games are one of the most frustrating experiences because players are so competitive which means you are going to lose a lot.

Kids that play games will be exposed to high levels of frustration and have to learn how to deal with it. If they give in and get very angry they will get in trouble by their parents, so they have to find a way to stay calm even when they lose over and over again.

Not only anger, but your child will learn how to deal with stress, I have a full article on that here.

Learning how to deal with short temper is one of the best skills someone can learn at a young age. Anger makes people impulsive and say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing.

If a kid can learn to be calm early in life, then they will be able to perform better in high pressure situations.


A bad strategy can cost the lives of your teammates and a good strategy can make all the difference.

Wouldn’t you want to know how the great war masters plan their strategies? War tactics are also great life lessons, as proven by the book: Sun Tzu The Art Of War.

Video game strategy goes so far in depth it’s like a game of chess. Teams predict the opponent’s next move and set up ambushes.

If a team takes an objective, piece of map control or a player’s life on one side of the map, the opposing team will take back something on the other side of the map. These are some of the great cognitive benefits of playing video games.

Competitive shooters consist of 5 man teams. In maps that have 2 sites: A and B, that the attackers have to destroy and the defenders have to defend.

If a defense runs a setup where they are heavy on A, you find out there setup, then attack B. If they are heavy on A and B, then you pincer them by splitting through the middle of the map, while half of your team attacks one of the sites head on.

If the defense moves off A to help B when there is the smallest amount of pressure, it’s a good idea to fake B and then attack A when they become weak.

Teams get really creative with their tactics and condition the other team to react when certain things happen, so they can manipulate and abuse the weaknesses.

Strategy in video games is as in depth as traditional sports.

gaming teaches you strategy


As humans we have always depended on teamwork. If it was to spear the great mammoth or to set up the perfect goal in sports, we have always relied on each other.

You would’ve had to work with people you didn’t like before, but in the end we got it done.

Teamwork is demanded to the highest cohesion during competitive games otherwise your team will lose. A team that supports each other and works together can beat teams that have much more individually skilled players that don’t.

An example of teamwork is in a game called CS:GO where players throw perfect trajectory flashbangs for teammates to clear areas and take fights. Every competitive game has its own mechanics for teamwork.

League of Legends teams will ball up in 5 versus 5 head on combat and will systematically target different players of the other team in order.

In first person shooter games, players will go back to back and clear each other’s corners. They run into areas with set plans, so they know who will clear what positions. There are different roles on teams where some support, others run in first and try to crack open the defense, some play on the opposite side of the map and thread the needle through the defense when they are preoccupied.

When players are on defense they have different setups which are position combinations that compliment each other. These setups are usually run in duos or trios and are practiced prior to playing real games.

Players will double up in certain positions, one player will fight to the death while the other hides undetected and will strike at the opportune moment.

Teamwork and tactics are what wins video games. One of the gaming benefits that are naturally adopted.

learn teamwork by gaming


Imagine leading a squad of soldiers into a warzone or being a commander strategically making the correct moves on a world war 2 map table.

Leadership is one of the most important traits if you want jobs at the top of companies.

In most games there are teams of 5 players that are working together in short 2 minute rounds to dominate the other team before the clock runs out. This environment can develop naturally born leaders and can create new ones.

A team of 5 players working all individually nearly always loses to the one that has a great leader.
In one of my own gaming teams I had a leader that was very hardcore and passionate that knew a lot about the game. He had years of experience in the game and would micromanage every teammate to do the right tasks and achieve the goal.

Out of game time he would coach different players and tell them the mistakes they were doing and better ways to play.

When we were losing he would tell the players to back themselves and their read on the game to make the play. Leaders in games have full control of the tactical and emotional sides of the team. They can restrict players that are too wild and give freedom to ones who are methodical and self sufficient.

The leaders allocate times that we play together and lineup scrimmages with other teams at night for practice games.

Wouldn’t it be a great sight to see your kid leading other kids?

learn leadership from gaming

Confronting Your Temmates When They Are Slacking

Your child will learn how to parent other kids in their team when playing video games.

Games get boring so not every player will put in lots of hours to make the team good. Some kids will become the dad of the team and start telling others to put in more effort or stop being so lazy playing different games.

It’s quite funny what characteristics people grow when playing competitive video games. Kids will learn to be seen as the bad guy sometimes, the one who keeps the others in check and makes sure they are putting in the right effort.

They will learn to deal with being seen like this but at the same time will understand that it has to be done and how they can come across nicer to people.

confront your teammates gaming

Learn To Be Independent And Self Sufficient

Independence arrives when you can’t rely on others anymore.

We both know life is tough and the world doesn’t wait for anyone. Most of the time in games you are matched with random teammates if you are not playing with your premade team. This means that not everyone will be on the same page, have the same experience or make the right decisions.

Basically you’re gonna get punished for other people’s mistakes.

Not everyone has the experience to look out for each other in these non premade team games. This makes kids independent and rely solely on themselves for success.

Independence is a big thing for a child to learn early on and can help with so many avenues in life. Life is tough and requires you to be independent sometimes.

learn to be independent gaming

How To Enter The Flow State

Ever imagined being a top athlete in the zone, like Michael Jordan in playoffs? Or even being the main character from the movie Limitless?

In the present moment fear can’t exist.

In the present moment anger can’t exist.

Flow state is one of the most desired abilities which allows individuals to perform to their best ability. You’ve been there, I’ve been there when we are so focused on something that everything else gets blocked out.

Sports is a perfect environment to learn flow state because it forces you to perform under pressure same goes for video games. Flow state occurs when your skill is met with sufficient challenge and your mind is purely in the present moment.

This means no overthinking, no analysing, no worrying just pure performance. The best results of this state comes when a person has incredible skill and lets their body naturally perform.

You see this in every top athlete but also in every top video game player because the environments are the same. Flow state cannot exist with anger, worry, stress or too much happiness. To learn flow state is a big deal and it will make kids calm, precise and high performers in any amount of pressure.

flow state learn from gaming

Competitive Drive

The drive to compete creates character.

“I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it. – Walt Disney

The drive to compete is what pushes most athletes to become world class, this skill is also learned through playing high intensity video games. Sports and video games are very similar in terms of competitiveness and the drive to become better than the next player.

Your kids will learn this at a very young age and can express this personality trait through gaming for hours on end. Sports can be tiring and to become the best means you have to hit the gym and play the sport a lot.

Video games are a more fun and easy way to exercise competitiveness without getting tired or sweaty.

Players in games get very passionate, I would say just as passionate as sports fans. Tournaments get held multiple times a year where tens of thousands of gaming fans come and watch. With first hand experience I can say the crowds are very passionate.

This passion is what drives the competitive nature through video games as well. People love watching teams compete in their favorite games.

learn competitive drive from gaming

Social Media Marketing

Youtube, Twitter and Twitch are dominated by gaming content.

Games like Fortnite make kids learn how to grow a following on Twitter and Twitch.

Most players in the Fortnite community showcase their talent on Twitch and interact with the community on Twitter. These platforms teach people social media marketing skills.

It’s funny watching young pro players on Twitch when their parents ask if they’ve taken out the trash yet.

It teaches people how to market themselves in terms of their game skills to get signed to organisations that will pay them real money to play games.

Your kids will learn to produce highlight reels on youtube, make their own graphics and try to gain exposure for their own personal brand. Video gaming is a great way to learn how to use these new social media platforms including youtube, instagram and tiktok where some players post their best plays.

They can also learn how to grow their own personal brand and not tarnish their brand with bad behaviour or conflicting with other players in the community. Networking is also another skill that is created from this environment.

This gives kids the opportunity to meet other players.

gaming teaches social media marketting

New And Foreign Languages

Don’t be surprised if your child starts talking in a different language.

Kids learn new languages by playing games with different cultures. Online gaming connects players from every single country around the world.

A lot of different regions have the opportunity to play with each other.

This brings learning opportunities about different cultures and languages. A lot of european gamers have learnt english through the game CS:GO because of the vast amount of european and russian languages they use English as a common one.

People always find a way to communicate to each other through games because they want to win. I’ve been in games where someone was calling in English for his chinese friend because his friend only knew Chinese.

Learning different languages is a big opportunity and real life skill that can be developed by simply playing games.

How To Spot A Liar

Believe it or not video games can teach you how to spot a liar.

There is a famous survival game named DayZ. The game is about surviving in the wilderness and finding military weapons from buildings to keep yourself safe.

Everyone spawns randomly around the map and usually people survive solo. This game is notorious for backstabbing and people having trust issues with each other.

In this game it takes forever to find guns and equipment so many people in this game act friendly so they can knock the other player out and steal their gear.

Games like this make you think twice before trusting people. It will make you analyse their tone of voice, if what their saying makes sense and if they seem like a person that won’t backstab you.

DayZ is a great game to teach kids about the dangers of trusting strangers and how to genuinely tell if someone is a good person.

Perhaps your kids will know when your hiding the cookies.

leran how to spot a liar by gaming

How To Survive In The Wilderness

Could you imagine your kids teaching you survival skills in the wilderness?

Survival games can teach kids basic survival skills in the wild.

Many of these games have the player begin in a random environment with nothing and they have to work their way up the technology tiers to evolve and make better equipment.

Some games require players to build shelters, hunt for food, filter and boil water, be wary of predators and how to create tools.

In certain games your character can get sick, too cold or wet from rainfall. It will require you to find antibiotics or make a fire to heal yourself. Kids can also learn navigation with a map and compass, where they have to find road signs to see what towns they are in.

There are games where you are stranded on islands surrounded by sharks. Games are a great way to learn basic survival skills for the real world in a fun way.

learn how to survive in the wilderness gaming


Gaming provides years of real life experience condensed into one virtual world.

This fire to be the best is what forges one’s character. If one is to succeed they must face their demons and grow honorable virtues. There’s a wide array of life lessons and skills your kids learn on a daily basis through games.

Innovation is the fruit of competition.

Not only do these grounds provide the most valuable character traits, they also provide prosperous careers. With such high stakes, kids from all across the globe fight for a spot at the epitome of video gaming.

Gaming which on the surface seems like a mere hobby, is actually a collection of thousands of battles to reach the epitome of the new age.

Perhaps think twice before assuming your child is addicted to playing games. Maybe they are addicted to what humans throughout the ages have always been. Competition.

It may be tough for you to become lenient on the hours of screen time you give to your child. But, whatever you choose, great benefits will arise and will become impossible to ignore.

Combat has evolved from being a tradition of ancestors in the plains of Africa, to combat on the modern battlefield and now in the online world.

It’s all the same and it’s what makes us humans grow.