15 Best Pop Up Campers

pop up camper

Pop campers are compact RV trailers which can be expanded into a full camping shelter by using a hand crank. Thanks to it’s canvas walls, these trailers are able to be condensed into a box for transit.

Pop up trailers are lightweight, easy to tow, fast to set up, convenient and spacious. It’s a mix between tent camping and a full size camper, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Perfect for beginner RV owners who are not ready to commit to a motor home or a full size camper, these trailers are compact and affordable. These campers are suitable for both short weekend trips and long vacations with the family.

Pop up campers (also referred to as fold up/fold down trailer), come in many different sizes, models and layouts. Each one has it’s benefits. Your choice of camper will depend on things such as your number of sleepers and desired structure quality/materials.

Below, we have outlined our top 15 pop up campers in no particular order, because each camper suits a different type of family or outdoor enthusiast.

List of our top pop up campers

  1. Opus Off-Road Camper
  2. Pioneer Mitchell
  3. A-Liner Somerset E3
  4. Forest River Flagstaff MAC Series
  5. Forest River Rockwood High Wall A214HW
  6. Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailers
  7. Coachmen Clipper 860QS
  8. Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 Pop up camper
  9. Aliner Ranger 12
  10. Taxa Outdoors Cricket
  11. Turtleback Adventure
  12. Sylvansport Go pop-up camper
  13. Coachman Clipper 806SLX
  14. Reconn R4 Camper Trailers
  15. Conqueror UEV-490

Opus OP2 Air Off-Road Camper

Opus Air OP2 pop up camper
OPUS Campers Australia

Introduce yourself to the Opus OP2 Air offroad popup camper if you’re ready to take your offroad camping to the next level without losing the enjoyment of tent camping.

Your ticket to a spectacular outdoor trip. This camper was manufactured in Australia and is equipped with a steel frame chassis, independent torsion suspension, off road tyres, and a solar power hookup for off-grid camping.

Roof rack bars, a bike rack, and a kayak rack are all offered so you never have to leave your toys behind. It’s outdoor kitchen with a sink and a 4-burner stove, has storage for all of your kitchen ware. Read my article on the top camp kitchens here.

To keep refreshed, use the canopy, a fall awning, or even the outside solar shower tent. Inside, you’ll discover a queen bed with an optional memory foam mattress and a dinette that converts to additional sleeping space, allowing you to comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.

Key Features

  • Luxury King Size Bed
  • Inflatable Annexe
  • Leatherette interior seating
  • Slide out kitchen with sink
  • Optional pull out fridge and pantry
  • Internal toilet and external shower room
  • Sleeping for up to 8 people
  • Exterior lighting
  • Heavy duty coil springs and dual shock absorbers
  • Off road tyres
  • Fully Galvanized Chassis
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Higher ground clearance than some 4WDs
  • Tare weighs 1415kg, light to tow
  • Towable by most standard SUVs or 4WDs
  • DO35 hitch


  • Body: Baked enamel finish
  • Box Material: Aluminium frame main body with composite panel exteriors and galvanized steel chassis
  • Dimensions closed: 5695mm (L) x 2025mm (W) x 1730mm (H)
  • Dimensions open: 5750mm (L) x2605mm (W) x 3500mm (H)
  • Clearance: 310mm
  • King Bed Size: 1950 x 1600mm
  • Tare Weight: 1415kg or 1500kg with a roof rack
  • Ball Weight: 155kg
  • ATM: 1990kg
  • Pay Load: 575kg or 490kg with a roof rack

Colour Options

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Khaki
  • Metallic Grey
  • Black

Pioneer Mitchell

Pioneer mitchell pop up camper
Pioneer Campers

Heading out to fish, hike or venture around the campground with a pioneer mitchell hybrid camper When you go fishing, hiking, or exploring the park when you have a Pioneer Mitchell Hybrid camper, you won’t have to worry about things blowing away as you would in a tent.

This camper with a hard roof will allow you to travel in comfort and luxury. You may gaze up at the stars through the roof hatch or open the tinted windows to let the cool breeze in. You may also rest on your queen-size spring mattress or keep your stuff safe in the huge compartment above the bed.

It comes equipped with a stainless steel roll out kitchen that incorporates a glass top sink, 2-burner A stainless steel roll out kitchen with a glass top sink, 2-burner stove, and plenty of storage for your utensils is included. Water is pumped from a massive 125-liter water tank, and there is also a 600-liter refrigerator that can hold enough food for your entire family.

View their full features on their website.

Pioneer Campers Mitchell Floor Plan PDF


  • Body: Zincanneal 1.2mm and Marine Grade Aluminium Powder 2.0mm
    Coating: Fiberglass/Aluminum Composite Panelled Insulated Cabin with Fibre glass Pop Roof and Floor
  • Hot dipped galvanized chassis
  • D035 Hitch

  • Dimensions closed: 2900mm (L) x1950mm (W) x 2050mm (H)
  • Overall length: 5300mm
  • Internal living space: 4.5m x 1.85m
  • Bed Size: Queen 210mm
  • Tare Weight: 1555kg
  • Towball weight: 165kg

Colour Options

  • White & black

A-Liner Somerset E3

aliner somerset pop up camper

Now it’s time to meet one of the A-Liner popup campers. The Somerset E3 allows you to enjoy the great outdoors before returning to camp for a refreshing shower.

ItIts 15-inch premium alloy wheels are designed for offroading, and its heavy-duty leaf spring suspension and 10-inch electric brakes make driving considerably safer.

On the inside, there’s an internal stove, sink, and dinette where you may cook and eat your meals in comfort. With an internal height of 80 inches, you’ll be able to relax comfortably in the camper.

Because there are two king-sized beds and a second slide-out bed, there is enough capacity for at least 5 travellers.

Its curving toilet includes its own cabvinet, which may be used to store ointments, medicines, and other bathroom necessities. A 35 gallon fresh water tank and an outdoor shower are also included.

Key Features

• Water Heater
• Tenting with window flaps
• Lift System
• Toilet with Cabinet
• External Grill
•Tubular Steel Frame
• Aluminum Roof
• Steel Body Panels
• 14″ Tires
• Aluminum Wheels

• Spare Tire
• 4 x BAL “C” Type 31″ Stabilizing Jack
• Swing-Level Galley
• 11 ft. Awning
• 35 Amp Converter
• 10″ Electric Brakes
• Double LP Tanks w/ Auto Changeover
• External Shower
• Deep Sink
• indoor and outdoor speakers
• Outside Outlet
• Outside Patio Light


E3 Tray

E3 Box

E3 Deck

  • Box Size [Inside Length]: 12’
  • Dimensions – Open (L&W]: 23’ 7” X 10’ 8
  • Dimensions – Closed [L&W]: 18’ 9” X 7’ 5”
  • Height Closed / Open: 62” / 110”
  • Interior Height: 80”
  • Bed Size – Front: 77” X 70”
  • Bed Size – Rear: 77” X 70”
  • Dinette / Bed Size: 71” X 43”
  • Converter Amperage: 35A
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 35 Gal.
  • Water Tank Storage: Under Floor
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 3,500 lbs.
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 2,635 lbs
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity: 865 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 268 lbs
  • Tire Size: ST235/75R15C
  • Box Size [Inside Length]: 12’
  • Dimensions – Open (L&W]: 23’ 7” X 10’ 8
  • Dimensions – Closed [L&W]: 18’ 9” X 7’ 5”
  • Height Closed / Open: 62” / 110”
  • Interior Height: 80”
  • Bed Size – Front: 77” X 70”
  • Bed Size – Rear: 77” X 70”
  • Dinette / Bed Size: 71” X 43”
  • Converter Amperage: 35A
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 35 Gal.
  • Water Tank Storage: Under Floor
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 3,500 lbs.
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 2,723 lbs.
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity: 768 lbs.
  • Tongue Weight: 305 lbs
  • Tire Size: ST235/75R15C
  • Box Size [Inside Length]: 12’
  • Dimensions – Open (L&W]: 23’ 7” X 10’ 8
  • Dimensions – Closed [L&W]: 18’ 9” X 7’ 5”
  • Height Closed / Open: 62” / 110”
  • Interior Height: 80”
  • Bed Size – Front: 77” X 70”
  • Bed Size – Rear: 77” X 70”
  • Dinette / Bed Size: 71” X 43”
  • Converter Amperage: 35A
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 35 Gal.
  • Water Tank Storage: Under Floor
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 4,400 lbs.
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 2,908 lbs
  • Maximum Carrying Capacity: 1,492 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 385 lbs
  • Tire Size: ST235/75R15C

Forest River Flagstaff MAC Series

Forest River pop up camper

From easy towing to flexibility, it’s possible that this is the right pop up for many people. It has a wide range of floor plans to choose from, ensuring that you can discover the ideal fit for your family.

The swing galley with storage in this popup camper allows you to make fresh meals while the domestic style cabinet doors keep your dishes and other cooking equipment safe.

Its kilted top mattresses will certainly be more comfortable than a crowded sleeping bag, and its supplied privacy curtains will allow you to establish some privacy.

Furthermore, if you want to make the flagstaff max series even more tailored to your family’s unique needs, you may add some extra choices.

Key Features

  • Gray Exterior
  • Autumn Wood Interior
  • Wood Plank Flooring
  • 12V Electric Water Pump
  • Hot Water Package (All models)
  • Shower/Cassette – since no models would be STD.
  • Antifreeze Inlet Bypass
  • Permanently Mounted 3-Burner Range w/ Cover
  • Residential Style Cabinet Doors & Drawers w/ Metal Glides
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Roof A/C Bracing
  • 30 AMP detachable Power Cord
  • Storage Net Over Bunks
  • Leaf-Spring Axles
  • Easy Lube Axles
  • Electric Brake
  • 13″ Radial Tires
  • Aluminum Wheel
  • Double Battery Box & Wiring Kit
  • 4 Stabilizer Jacks w/ Sand Pads
  • Solar Panel Prep On Frame
  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • Patio Light
  • 110V Exterior Outlet
  • Single Entry Step


In order: 206M : MAC Series, 208 : MAC Series, 228D : MAC Series, 425M : MAC Series

Hitch Weight: 240lb, 255lb, 263lb, 295lb
UVW: 2204lb, 1896lb, 2439lb, 2654lb
CCC: 1036lb, 1359lb, 824lb, 641lb
Exterior open length: 20’2″, 20’2″, 23’11”, 23’9″,
Exterior closed height: 5’6″, 5’6″, 5’6″, 6’0″
Exterior closed length: 17’3″, 15’7″, 17’6″, 19’1″
Exterior Width: 84″, 84″, 84″, 84″,
Box Size: TBD, 10.00′, 12.00′, 12.00′,

Forest River Rockwood High Wall A214HW

2020 Rockwood A213HW Hardside pop up
Rousseau’s RV Center

The forest river rockwood high wall popup camper may appear to be simply another simple to pull, handy to store camping trailer at first glance, but it can rapidly convert into a fully furnished camper with numerous practical features suitable for camping.

A heated mattress, an outside barbeque that plugs directly into your front propane tanks, and a pre-wired solar panel hookup are just a few of the great features included with this camping trailer. It has a queen-sized bed that folds up to provide easy access to storage space large enough for your belongings.

Moreover, a full-sized air conditioner is also directly under the bed, so that no matter how hot it is Furthermore, a full-sized air conditioner is located immediately beneath the bed, ensuring that you stay cool no matter how hot it gets outside. A fold-down boot dinette is across from the bed and offers plenty of storage beneath.

For your camping meals, this kitchen has a 3-burner glass top stove, a domestic type sink, and a small refrigerator.

Key Features

  • White Fiberglass
  • Autumn Wood Interior
  • 12 Volt Water Pump
  • Power Roof Lift (Std Only On: A213HW/A214HW)
  • Torsion EZ Lube Axles
  • Hot Water Pkg w/ Outside Shower
  • Shower/Cassette Toilet (Std Only On: A214HW)
  • 2 Burner Indoor Glass Top (Std Only On: A213HW/A214HW)
  • Microwave
  • Extra Large 3 Way Refrigerator (Std Only On: A213HW/A214HW)
  • Solar Prep On Frame
  • Battery Box & Wiring
  • 30 Amp Detachable Power Cord
  • 35 Amp Converter
  • 1/2 Sliding Storage Tray in Rear (Queen Bed Models Only)
  • LED Ceiling Lights
  • Raised Panel Cabinet Doors
  • Positive Latches & Catches On Doors & Drawers
  • Wood Drawers with Full Extension Metal Guides
  • Interior Floor Lights
  • Durable Diamond Plate Front
  • Fiberglass Laminated Roof
  • 14″ Radial Tires (Std Only On: A213HW & A214HW)
  • Electric Brakes
  • 4 Stabilizer Jacks w/ Sand Pads
  • Installed Door Step


Hitch Weight: 353 lb.
UVW 2,700 lb.
CCC 653 lb.
Box Size 14.00′
Exterior Open Length: 21′ 2″
Exterior Closed Height: 5′ 8″
Exterior Closed Length: 21′ 2″
Exterior Width: 84″

Jayco Jay Series Sport Camping Trailers

jayco pop up camper

Travel to the unknown with a Jayco Jay Series Sport pop up trailer. It has all the essential camping With a Jayco Jay Series Sport pop-up trailer, you can explore the unknown. It includes everything you’ll need for a successful camping trip, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The water-resistant polyflex membrane is wrapped around the one-piece timber floor deck, and the frame is powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

Furthermore, its fibreglass roof features a unique dome shape for improved water discharge, guaranteeing that your RV can withstand the weather. Its sturdy bed can withstand up to 1050 pounds of weight, so you can bounce about or do whatever you want and it won’t budge or break.

This camper has a flexible outside space with privacy screens, allowing you to have a delicious meal while spending precious time with your loved ones outside the trailer.

Key Features

  • Residential cabinetry with doors and drawers
  • Ball-bearing drawer guides with 75 lb. capacity
  • Acrylic sink and faucet
  • Hinged gallery on all models with refer access when roof is closed
  • Interior hookup for freestanding TV
  • Appliances pre-plumbed for propane
  • Stainless steel, indoor/outdoor stove with wind deflectors
  • Reversible dinette cushions
  • Tinted vinyl windows with fine mesh screening
  • Porta-potti storage cabinet
  • Wall to wall Beauflor® vinyl flooring
  • Auxiliary 12V jack and privacy curtains for bunk ends
  • Stereo prepped and wired


Length 11′ 7″ – 21′ 6″
Weight 1,570 – 2,385 lbs.

Coachmen Clipper 860QS

Tri State RV

Forget about last year’s camping experience with uncomfortable sleeping bags and meet the Meet the Coachmen Clipper 860QS and forget about last year’s camping trip with uncomfortable sleeping bags. A pop-up camper that offers plenty of sleeping space in a small package.

For further safety and stability, this camper is built on a tubular steel frame with electronic brakes and a wide track suspension.

On either side of the Goucher, there is extra seating, and on the other side, there is a domestic laminated countertop, a sink, and two gas burners for food preparation.

When it’s time for bed, snuggle up in the queen-size insulated bunk and keep warm on chilly winter evenings. Furthermore, with a few additional improvements, you may enjoy a variety of value-added amenities for a more convenient camping experience.


Condition New
Stock Number 13098
Year 2021
Make Coachmen
Model Clipper Sport 860QS
Vehicle Type Trailer
Category Pop Up
Brand Coachmen Clipper
Length 8 ft
Dry Weight 1558 lbs
GVWR 2942
Sleeps Up To 2
Awnings 1
Air Conditioners 1
Self-Contained No
Floorplans Queen Bed
Features May Include: Outside Grill, 2 Burner Cooktop, Spare Tire

Key Features

  • Gaucho
  • Queen Tent End Bed
  • Heated Mattress
  • Dark Ash Cabinetry
  • Flip Lid Storage
  • Add-A-Room Upgrade

Livin’ Lite Quicksilver 8.0 Pop up camper

Livin Lite pop up camper

Fun Family Travel

Many RV enthusiasts are focused on huge opulent campers, but if you want a compact lightweight alternative to camping in a tent on the chilly wet ground, you might try the Livin’ Lite quikcsilver 8.0, which can be readily towed by a broad range of mid-sized SUVs.

This trailer is constructed entirely of aluminium, which helps to the trailer’s low weight; moreover, it is equipped with a tanal cover that protects it from the elements while being towed or stored. It includes huge zippered windows and screens that let you to regulate circulation, light, and even the trailer’s temperature.

The comfort of a full-sized foam mattress on each bed platform, as well as the convenience of a dining table and chairs, make this camper a far more appealing way to camp. It can easily accommodate adults, and the dinette can be transformed into a bedroom space, bringing the total capacity of the Quicksilver 8.0 to 6 people.


  • Year2017
  • MakeLivin’ Lite
  • ModelQuicksilver 8.0
  • ClassPop Up Camper
  • LocationAdamsburg, PA
  • Fuel TypeNONE
  • Gross Vehicle Weight1,685
  • Stock NumberP9422
  • VIN Number56DPX0817H2060155
  • Sleeping Capacity6
  • Length12
  • Exterior ColorBLACK
  • Price$8,900

Key Features

  • Sleeps Sleeps 6
  • two 48″ x 82″ tent end beds
  • dinette inside
  • storage cabinet
  • counter top with sink across
  • optional 2 burner gas range (shown in optional floor plan in photos), air conditioning, an awning for weather protection, privacy curtains

Aliner Ranger 12

aliner pop up camper

Aliner is one of the top brands that spring to mind when it comes to hard-walled folding traielr for camping. So, this is Aliner Ranger 12. A pop-up camper that is simple to pull and provides a comfortable camping experience. After using the stovetop, you may have a meal at the dinette with access to cold drinks from the refrigerator beneath.

When you’ve finished eating, say your goodbyes and transform the dinette into a 45x76inch bed. It also has a convertible couch bed, so you can sleep well.

The camper’s interior is brightly lighted, due to its windows and skylights, which give a clear view of the outside and plenty of natural light. Other basic amenities include inside LED lighting, two power outlets, and an outdoor shower to keep you prepared for the next trip.


  • Year2017
  • MakeLivin’ Lite
  • ModelQuicksilver 8.0
  • ClassPop Up Camper
  • LocationAdamsburg, PA
  • Fuel TypeNONE
  • Gross Vehicle Weight1,685
  • Stock NumberP9422
  • VIN Number56DPX0817H2060155
  • Sleeping Capacity6
  • Length12
  • Exterior ColorBLACK
  • Price$8,900


  • Length (feet) 15′
  • Width (inches) 78″
  • Road Height (inches) 57″
  • Weight (lbs) 1450 lbs
  • Tires and Wheels 14″ Aluminum
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 3000 lbs
  • Dry Hitch Weight 150 lbs

Key Features

  • Black and Gray Exterior Package
  • 11-Gallon Fresh-Water Tank
  • 14″ Tires
  • 3000 lb Axle
  • 4 Stabilizer Jacks
  • LED Running Lights
  • Outside Electrical Outlet
  • Water Heater
  • Water Pump
  • Furnace
  • 1.9 Cubic Foot 3-way Refrigerator
  • Outside Shower
  • Sink
  • 2 Burner Stove
  • 3 Interior Electrical Outlets
  • Azdel Lightweight, Thermoplastic Composite Interior Wall and Ceiling Panels
  • Performax 500 Premium Marine Grade Flooring
  • High Density Foam, Hypoallergenic Cushions and Mattresses
  • Fantastic Vent-Fan
  • 35 Amp Converter
  • Two Exterior Bag Doors
  • Two Skylights with Night Shades (Dormer Option Eliminates Skylight with Night Shade)
  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • E-Coated Frame with Powder Coating on the Front Tongue and Bumper
  • 10″ Electric Brakes
  • Vacuum Bonded Fiberglass Panels
  • Diamond Plate Stone Guard

Taxa Outdoors Cricket

taxa outdoors cricket pop up camper

The taxi outdoors cricket is a pop-up camper with everything you need to make your vacation to the great outdoors much more convenient. It is both lightweight and sturdy, so it outperforms a tent. It’s equipped with all-terrain tyres and stabilised jacks, so you can go offroading without missing a beat.

Aside from that, Taxa has worked hard to ensure that the cricket camper trailer is lightweight, so you won’t need a giant vehicle to tow it, and it won’t consume a lot of gasoline. Inside, you’ll discover a large kitchen with a galley that includes a sink, a 2-burner stove, a milk carton storage tower, and a cooler area.

With a table that turns into a bed and a ceiling slingboard, it can sleep up to four people. It also has a roof panel that lifts up to provide extra headroom.


  • Ground CLearance 12 inches
  • Dry wieght 1753 lbs
  • GVWR 2500 lbs
  • Cargo capaacity 700lbs
  • Habitat Capacity 2 Adults & 2 Kids (>5′)

Key Features

  • 15’ Length: Easily nests in a standard garage
  • Sleeps 2 adults + 2 children
  • Pop-up roof for optimized ventilation and protection
  • Easily Towable
  • Stay Cool

  • Room to Eat, Sleep, and Relax
  • Redesigned kitchen
  • simple and spacious storage
  • Full size bed

Turtleback Adventure

turtleback pop up camper

For a long time, Turtleback has been producing pop-up campers for outdoor enthusiasts, and now you can meet the turtleback adventure. For your rough travels, this is the ideal camping trialer. It includes a roughly 200-square-foot enclosed living room with a 4-inch foam queen mattress that can accommodate up to 6 people for a good night’s sleep.

If you ever need extra room, you may even employ its awning. This trailer is equipped with a 2-burner stainless steel stove and a 20-liter gas tank to make any camping trip more convenient.

It comes with a 21 gallon bpa-free water tank and a 12 volt on-demand water pump, allowing you to carry fresh water on lengthy camping excursions. It comes with a 31 AGM battery and a 12 volt outlet with twin USB charging ports for your portable fridges or other gadgets. It also includes LED lights for further visibility in the dark.

Its galvanised rigidity improved tent structure, along with a heavyweight PVC vinyl floor, provides it the strength to withstand any weather. Its simple setup and side folding design make it the ideal pop up camper for all of your outdoor excursions. This pop up camper trialer is available for approximately $18,500 and has high reviews and ratings.

Key Features

  • 7-Pin Trailer Plug And Holder,
  • Guzzle Water system,
  • Additional 3 Ft of Modular Front Storage,
  • King Sized Trailer Top Tent,
  • External Quick Connect Water Port,
  • Air Ride Suspension, 11lb Pancake Propane Tank,
  • 265/75/16 All Terrain Wheels And Tires,
  • Tailgate With Spare Mount, 2000lb Tongue Jack,
  • Break Away Trailer Activation Switch
  • 2×3 Galvanized Tube Steel Chassis,
  • Front And Rear Receiver Hitch,
  • Aluminum Trailer Skins,
  • Partner Steel 2 Burner Stove,
  • Deep Well Sink Tempered Glass Top,
  • Onboard System Control Panel,
  • Led Lighting System,

Sylvansport Go pop-up camper

sylvan sport go pop up camper

For a long time, Sylvan Sport has been producing pop-up camper trailers. Now meet the Go pop up camper trailer, which is designed for adventure.

It’s an all-in-one travel trailer that can carry all of your outdoor gear and then transforms into a really stylish camper that can sleep up to five people. It has a nine-foot front storage space and a standing height of 77 inches, giving you plenty of room to relax throughout your camping vacation.

any type of vehicle, including tiny automobiles The Sylvansport go frees up your car for family and friends on spectacular cross-country camping excursions or weekends away, and tows all your toys like boats, bikes, boards, and gear.

It can also transport bikes, ATVs, and lawn mowers. The Sylvan Sport can carry over 362kg thanks to its superb suspension. It gives you that great tent camping experience, and the lightweight, airy fabrics give you the sensation of being outside.


  • low 53″ loading height (lower than most car roofs)
  • 165 lbs. carrying capacity
  • sleeps up to 4 people
  • standing height 6’ 5”
  • 80” long by 116” wide
  • interior height expands from 17” to 48” with a simple hand crank
  • deck size 48″ wide x 84″ deep
  • max carrying capacity 960 lbs.

Key Features

  • lightweight towable pop-up tent camper
  • sleeps 4+ with tent pod,
  • gear deck,
  • equipment rack,
  • storage box
  • Powder coated aluminum
  • Heavy duty tent materials
  • Premium construction
  • ultralight
  • Haul gear, cargo, equipment
  • Integrated roof rack system
  • Tow with smaller vehicles
  • Spacious pop-up shelter
  • Smooth riding torsion axle
  • Ultralight maneuverability

Coachman Clipper 806SLX

coachman clipper pop up camper

This is a lovely little pop-up camper at a reasonable price of approximately $10,000. This Coachman Clipper model is ideal for individuals who are new to pop-up camping since it is simple to set up, has no slide outs, and is not overly complex.

At this price, it even comes with air conditioning, is tiny and lightweight, and is extremely easy to pull. Many people begin their camping adventures with a pop-up, and this is one of the better pop-ups to consider, in my view.


  • Hitch Weight:167 lb.
  • GVWR:2,897 lb.
  • UVW1,642 lb.
  • CCC1,255 lb.
  • Box Size8.50′
  • Exterior Open Length:17′ 11″
  • Exterior Closed Height:4′ 8″
  • Exterior Closed Length:12′ 11″
  • Exterior Width:84″

Key Features

  • E-Coated Tubular Steel Frame
  • Dual Drive Winch
  • Heavy Duty Tongue Jack – w/Wheel
  • Wide Trac Ultra Lube Spring Axle
  • Electric Brakes
  • Radial Tires
  • Spare Tire & Carrier
  • (4) Heavy Duty Scissor Style Jacks
  • Goshen Lift System
  • 4-Layer Laminated Seamless Roof
  • Laminated Insulated Bed Platforms
  • Automotive Grade Metal
  • LED Exterior Lights
  • Diamond Plate Front & Rear Walls
  • One-Piece Screen Door
  • Prebraced for A/C
  • Exterior Wall Mount w/LP Quick Connect
  • VRX Sectionalized Tent
  • Non-Heated 4” Mats
  • 16 Gallon Fresh Water Tank (806XLS)
  • 35 Amp Converter – Trickle Charger
  • (2) Blue LED Patio Lights
  • New Style Storage Lid & Shroud
  • Awning

Reconn R4 Camper Trailers

Off Grid Outfitters

Lifestyle campers have led the way in terms of creative and high-quality trailers for the past two decades. This quality, elegance, and convenience are reflected in the Reconn R4 pop up trailer.

It has a triple dropper, and the cruisemaster XT suspension offers a solid structure for the camper, allowing you to ride confidently and comfortably when embarking on a camping vacation. Inside, you’ll find a luxurious queen-size inner spring mattress that’s really comfy.

After a long day of touring, this, together with the table with two comfortable chairs, will allow you to relax. A fridge with lots of storage can be found in the living room, where you can put all of your cold drinks and food.

To keep you refreshed, the popup features a toilet and a shower area. It has a 2-burner stove and sink, as well as lots of storage in the upper cabinets. The Reconn R4 camper trailer comes with a slew of luxury amenities to make your camping trip even more enjoyable.



Key Features

  • Internal Ensuite
  • Drawbar antichip coating
  • 16″ Alloy wheels
  • Cruisemaster ATX 2.8T Coil Spring trailing arm suspension
  • Automatic roof lift
  • Genuine Rear Recovery points
  • Recessed dust and waterproof hot water and 240v hatches
  • drop T compression hatch
  • external shower unit with hot and cold tap
  • filtered dust suppression system
  • integrated electrical components

Conqueror UEV-490

Conqueror UEV 490 pop up camper

Conqueror’s pop-up trailers have been safari and outback tested in Africa and Australia’s harsh and unforgiving conditions for over 25 years. Outdoor enthusiasts are fans of their overland trailers. With durability, comfort, and a variety of additional features, your camping will be a memorable trip.

The conqueror has about everything an outdoor lover might want. The Chassis’ primary structure is cnc hot deep galvanised. You’ll be able to cut any difficult path with ease because to the durability and independent suspension system.

Thanks to its fold out double bed, the pop up can sleep up to 5 people. It includes an aluminium camping table with seating for four to six people, ensuring that everyone in the family can enjoy their meal. A 2-burner stove, cutlery drawer, grill grid, 85-liter fridge, and a fold-out shower are all included. Furthermore, this camper’s comfort is enhanced with roof insulation, mosquito netting, and carpet flooring.


  • Tow Ball Weight: 150kg
  • Tare Mass (unladen): 1,500kg
  • Trailer Mass: 1,950kg

Key Features

  • Spare Wheel Carrier Serving as Emergency Stub Axle
  • Spare Wheel X 1
  • 33″ Mud Terrain Off-Road Tyres 285/75R16
  • 6 Stud Pattern Alloy Rims
  • Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers and Coils
  • Removable Jockey Wheel
  • On suite totally Inclosed for Privacy
  • Slide Out Vanity Basin Unit with Under Sink Storage
  • Integrated Shower Unit Hot/Cold Mixer
  • Lounge Dinette Table (Converts To Multiconfiguration Bed)
  • Sleeps up to Five (Fold Out Bed)
  • Aluminium Nose Box Storage
  • 2 x Mil-Spec Nato Jerry Cans and Holders
  • 2 x Canvas Multi Pockets Fitted in Main Doors
  • 10 x Internal Cupboards with Canvas Doors
  • 3 x Internal Recessed Dual Shelving Pantry with Internal/External Access
  • 2 x Rear Storage Compartments
  • Multiple Internal Tie-Down Points

Grayson Uppington
Grayson loves camping, hiking, snowboarding, gaming and blogging about these hobbies. He wants to share his experiences with everyone.