Is Osu A Good Aim Trainer?

Osu has become a very popular game among gamers from all different types of genres. Although this is a musical focused game it is popular among First Person Shooter and Third Person Shooter players in games such as CS:GO or Fortnite. Osu is an extremely intensive game which attracts a lot of viewers to players that are incredibly skilled. Some players use a touch tablet for better control but [...]

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Aimbeast Review

Previously known as Aimgod, Aimbeast is one of the cleanest aim trainers I have tried. I have been using this aim trainer a lot in this last year and have seen noticeable improvements of my aim. Even though aim trainers can't fully simulate a real competitive shooter, I do feel my mouse control is a lot better after playing Aimbeast for 30 minutes or so a day. I play [...]

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Which Is Better, Aimlab Or Kovaak’s?

Everyone is wondering which is better between Aimlab vs Kovaak 2.0. Both aim trainers provide so many different features for players to take advantage of. Each one is used by many professional esport players around the world. Training your aim is important to be good at competitive shooters, especially now, since everyone has been picking up an aim trainer for themselves. Both Aimlab and Kovaak 2.0 have very positive [...]

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Aimlab Review

Aimlab is an aim trainer available on steam for users to practice their aiming skills for a variety of games. My initial thoughts on this aim trainer was that it had nothing new to offer compared to the already existing aim trainers on the market. For the past few years I have been solely using Kovaak 2.0, shooting bots in FPS games or using deathmatch games modes to train [...]

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Top 5 Best Lightweight Wireless Mice

Gaming mice are nearing the endgame, a wireless mouse that is also lightweight seems to be the formula that everyone was waiting for. Wireless mice provide the advantage of having freedom of movement with no cable drag. Lightweight mice are easier to aim with and have a much higher skill ceiling, if you can master a lightweight mice, it will become an extension of your arm. For years there [...]

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Top 5 Best Mice For CS:GO

The best mouse for CS:GO will be one that you can comfortably rely on for precise aiming. Gaming mice come in all different shapes and sizes, each mouse is extremely unique and there is one for everyone. I have chosen the wrong mouse plenty of times before and my aim suffered greatly. Before you choose a mouse for cs go, have a read and find out which one will [...]

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Top 6 Best Aim Trainers On Steam

Aim trainers are quickly becoming some of the most popular games on steam. I have been testing all of the aim trainers on steam to see which one is best for my aim and I made a helpful list of ones I found the best. Most of us want to play an aim trainer to improve our aim, but some are better than others. When aim trainers get onto [...]

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The 7 Best Mousepads for a Zowie Mouse

Recently I have been testing my Zowie mouse on different mousepads and I have realised that my mouse registers movement on some mousepads better than others. I decided to collect my findings and create a list of the best mousepads for your Zowie mouse. Mousepad surfaces come with different weaves, some of these are woven in a way that your sensor can’t register mouse movement properly. If unable to, [...]

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