Valorant vs CS:GO

With Riot games’ recent release of Valorant, has Counter strike: Global Offensive been dethroned? Counter strike: Global Offensive has been the epitome of tactical shooters for over 20 years. However Valorant has brought a new take on the classic 5 vs 5 bomb defuse [...]

Sweaty Hands While Gaming

Do you ever get sweaty hands while playing games and wonder why? For some people they only start sweating in their palms when they play games. Other people never get sweaty hands while playing. Perspiration is different for everyone and can be caused by [...]

What Aim Trainer Does Pengu Use?

Pengu explains in his video his thoughts and feelings about aim trainers. Quick summary: No, Pengu does not use an aim trainer, he trains his aim within Rainbow Six Siege instead. Here is a list of Pro Players that use aim trainers. [...]

Why Your Aim Is So Bad All Of A Sudden

We all know what it feels like to have aim become so bad all of a sudden. Most people that have this issue say they play CS:GO, but it happens for other games too. You could've been on 30 kills the previous game and [...]

Why Am I Inconsistent At CS:GO

I have been through the phase, just like everyone else, when you are inconsistent at CS:GO. Counter Strike is a very challenging game and to be consistent requires a lot of play time. How come one game you can drop 30, but you can't [...]

How To Practice Tracking Aim

A couple months ago when I was learning how to practice my tracking aim in FPS games, I found out that there is a lot more to tracking aim than I thought. I decided to do some research and create a helpful blog post [...]